Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation, diagnosis of physical and functional abnormalities include the diagnosis and treatment. Physical therapy and rehabilitation, heat applied from outside the body, cold applications, electrical currents (tens), including applications for cutting and massage exercise pain and musculoskeletal diseases applied in the utilization or non-pharmacological form of treatment is. In addition to oral or cream or treatment administered alone.

It is congenital or subsequent rehabilitation, Lost for the treatment of mobility is recycled Physiotheraphy In Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Services, What are the Treatment and Follow-Up Approach?

Physical therapy and rehabilitation department Us;

• All of musculoskeletal diseases,

• All rheumatic diseases,

• Painful situations,

• nerve compressions,

• Cerebral-spinal and peripheral nerve paralysis of,

• stroke and cerebral palsy,

• joint stiffness and stiffness-restriction,

• Spastisite,

• Broken and diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases and conditions such as trauma cases, treatment and follow-up is done.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation applications, medical (Medical-Drugs) and surgery (surgery) incurable diseases and chronic pain in many cases, Allows an effective treatment for functional limitations.

Medical Center z Physical therapy and rehabilitation, medical and surgical treatments are unnecessary if insufficient-effect-, If the possibility of perpetuating and disease progression, If everyday life is adversely affected or disability can develop useful and necessary.


What are the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices?

a proper physical therapy program is planned according to the state's Disease. Physiotheraphy, It must be performed in the physician supervision. The treatment schedule the administration of drugs and physical agents and may contain one or more of the therapeutic exercise.
Physical treatment;

-The application of cold,

-superficial heat (infraruj, hot pack, parafin, whirlpool bath),

-deep heat (ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, radar),

-electrotherapy (tens, elekrostimülasyon, vacuum-enterferans, diadinami, galvanic-faradic current)

-hydrotherapy (contrast bath, spa treatment, underwater massage, electrogalvanic bathroom, whirlpool bath),

-Mekanoterapi (mobilization've manipülasyon, traksiyon, pneumatic compression, splint, Change, corset, bandage, Supports of canes, etc.),

-Such as therapeutic exercise applications

Physical therapy method may include one or a few of.
What are the objectives of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

– reduction of pain,

– loosening of muscles,

– The affected positively Circulation,

– Enflamasyonun giderilmesi,

– Restoration of Function; Increasing the move, strengthening and ensuring the coordination of the muscles,

– Reducing the need for medication,

– posture(stance) include the prevention and correction of dysfunctions.
What are the treatments covered Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

1. Acute and chronic pain treatment

2. Rheumatic diseases treatment and follow-up

3. Orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries

4. Rehabilitation of neurological diseases and nöromuskula

5. pediatric rehabilitation

6. Metabolic bone disease (Osteoporosis and so on.)

7. Congenital or acquired disorders of joints and bones

8. Burn after rehabilitation

9. Cardiac rehabilitation

10. geriatrics rehabilitasyon .
How Much Time Physical Therapy?

Although it varies depending on the disease, each session 1-1,5 hour, so, 10-20 sessions are implemented.
Physical therapy is painful M?

the patient does not feel pain during physical therapy. But, joint limitation is present in the patient, for example, does not remove the shoulder, then physiotherapist, mild pain will be doing stretching exercises.
Who Applied to Physical Therapy?

Shoulder, before, leg, elbow, foot, wrist joints and surrounding tissues, bel, back, such as those of cervical spine pain and dysfunction due to various reasons, inflammation’ the non-active period of rheumatic diseases, weakness in the muscles after surgery, especially orthopedic surgery, including some, stiffening joints, treatment is applied to the physical function limitations. Brain, body as a result of nerve damage, full or partial paralysis of the arms and the movement of lymph circulation system outside the growing deterioration in the legs to those occurring as a result of swelling of the arms and legs are applied.

What are the Physical Therapy Status that have been Inappropriate?

inflammatory (inflammatory) active period of rheumatic diseases (joints, fog, where hot and painful periods), vascular occlusion, varices, open sores and inflamed areas on the application is inconvenient.
What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices?

-ache, numbness, tingle, Reduction and passing weakness,

-Increase in Function,

-It is very rare and is to be mild and transient side effects,

-In many cases, prevent unnecessary medical and surgical treatment,

-Providing fewer drug use,

-Medications and surgical treatment is not possible to provide effective treatment in many other diseases,

-Chronicity of the disease (perpetuating the) and to prevent the progress,

-improve the quality of life is.
Possible Risks and Side Effects of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices What are the?

-Side effects and risks of the treatment are quite a few approaches. However,, although rare, skin rash, unwanted effects such as sensitivity.

-Much more significant risks rare skin burns, heart rhythm disorders, hypersensitivity of the skin, blood pressure changes, During the opening of the joint limitation damage to the muscle-tendon-rupture, the electrocution.

-Suitable techniques Risks, rarely seen enough medical supplies and the presence of experienced medical staff.

before the application must provide detailed information to your doctor about your medical condition to download the incidence of these conditions, at least to. known drug allergy status, You must specify your doctor about your disease.
Failure to as the Physical Therapy What Causes Problems?

-Physical therapy is supportive therapy. Applied does not lead to life-threatening, but pain relief, functions is an effective method in correcting.

-In cases where the adoption of the proposed treatment method, your health disorder due to the absence appropriate treatment, or may be in the form of progress to continue your pain and loss of function.

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